Vogue dance
No words, looks, or opinions matter. The dimly lit room and a small section of smooth floor. She is in a shelter, free from thoughts and problems of the "big" city.
Produced by Suro Jr.
Natalia Orlova
is an entrepreneur, producer and owner of the ArtMost Multimedia Gallery. A graduate of Moscow State University and VGIK, she works as a Startup mentor and networking expert.
To the walls and floor, it doesn't matter who she is - young, beautiful, of a certain nationality or religion, where she works, how much she earns, who she sleeps with, or what she eats. They are indifferent to her nudity.

She is free. She has surrendered to the dance, trusting her body and inner primal energy. Like a mad Bacchante, like Salome shedding veils, she is free from the transitory bustle. The dance is her challenge, her will, her passion, her peace. Only the tiled pattern follows her pose, the cold impassive floor cooling her hot body. She is wonderfull.
David Bagdasaryan
Born in 1989 in Yerevan, Armenia;
Regular participant of international group and solo exhibitions, charity events and workshops. He is very active in organizing of art exhibitions all over the world.
Reference author and model: Reznikova Asya
80х60 см, canvas / oil .
Owner: toilet art studio