We produce paintings by oldschool artists on modern experience.

By doing so, we will revive the former glory of artwork in our realities.
Now is a convenient time, where technology and various service sectors do everything for us. Innovative technologies count our steps, establish our daily routine and what a food going to be like. We don't need to remember dates or write down and memorize routes. Its all fоr us.

That's why this project and these paintings are necessary now and in the future. They are aesthetically pure, imperfect, born from flesh and blood without machines and programs. Like a movie shot on film, where fate can be decided by chance.

The artist conveys emotions and depth of feelings through color, form, and composition, without setting an algorithm, but rather reflecting. It is a search for perfect imperfection in a world where an authentic product will have a special significance and momentarily transport a person to the origins of true art.
No words, looks, or opinions matter